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We promise you won't look back. It's not like you know the ultimate solution to everyone's problems. But people who do weights tend to be muscly and heavy - eg rugby players, weightlifters.

Some users said: My advice about training is very clear, I prefer to start step by step rather than workout and the diet is the same, if you don’t want to give up it must go little by little, and you will reach your goals.

I wasn’t starved or forced to eat steamed turkey breasts on kale. At no point was I left hungry. If you just want to lose weight by burning off fat, and to firm up, it is better to eat sensibly and become more active - walking, running, swimming, cycling, gardening etc . As the week goes on, I keep getting caught out by carbs. Always excellent to hear at 24 years old. Your results may differ, depending on your body shape, etc, but the article is definitely not foolishness.

Now all I do is go to the gym and eat protein. In our sessions my flexibility is being addressed with the goal of me touching my toes (don’t laugh, this hasn’t been a reality since playdoh) as well as learning the correct hinging technique needed for deadlifting. Unfortunately, many trainers are reluctant to have much contact outside of one-to-one sessions, which unfortunately you won't find out until you've invested a lot of your time and money. Try a three-day starving rounds. It has actually been fun the gym has been made fun thanks to the guidance and week-long support they offered. After one hour, I realised I have never done a correct press up in my life… revelation. They are also long-term activities- I’ve been squatting heavy for 4 years and my rowing has improved significantly. The crucial difference, of course, is that the trainer isn't next to you when workout. Rich set my ratios as 2:1:1, meaning I must aim to eat 150g of protein, 75g of fat and 75g of carbs each day.

We promise you won't look back. I’ve resorted to weighing out my nut butter and realised I have no concept of how big a portion is. A better hormone profile can lead to a better quality of life. Of course you can’t progress quickly because the method you lose weight so fast it will be a failure, the figures of method people lose weight is misleading in a little time. While a high quality program can be delivered with ease over the phone or email, there's zero guarantee that it will be successfully completed. And what’s more, I enjoy it too. If you’re ready to begin your journey with JT Personal Training, please feel free to contact me or my team with any queries, or to book your first session. Feels good and costs less. I concentrated on constantly striving to be the best I could be to improve every area of my professional game alongside working in various gym environments.

Physical benefits aside though, my six weeks of training with Rich have changed my life because I’ve realised I absolutely love lifting weights. Weight sleds and battle ropes are not pleasant things - they are distinctly painful - and when you interval them with planks, Dante’s inferno becomes a reality.

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