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HollowGuide Ltd - Optical Systems Design and manufacture. It is extremely flexible in meeting client requirements, and access to experienced personnel to assist at your planning and implementation stages is always available. BJ-MAX modelling and simulation team has been involved in developing and validating mathematical models for various E-O phenomena for over the past 20 years.
The capacity, density, data fidelity, size, weight, and cost associated with optical storage systems are all functions of the optical subsystem (i.e., lenses, beam splitters, polarizers, etc.) that is used to interface with the storage medium. Since founding Microzone Optics in 2009, our team has created hundreds of illumination and imaging optical designs and successfully completed over 50 new optical system development projects for customers in a wide range of industries.
This work was then extended to the case of 2D parallel access using a 4F holographic storage model. What else should we know about your product/technology. Furthermore, optical engineers may not understand how stray light propagates through their systems or how optical surfaces and painted baffles scatter light. Truth is ideas are cheap and paper designs are plentiful. Describe the profound impact your technology as part of an end-user product has had on Society.
Our product is a lens-design computer program. BJ-MAX provides a one stop shop where your idea can be realized and become a prototype.
Our designers are experts in LED illumination design (including freeform optics), imaging systems (including plastic aspheres), laser systems, and projection systems. In this project, we have studied the design issues associated with lenses used to interface with parallel access optical memories. However, the interaction between optical elements and opto-electronic components, mechanics, and the human visual system is complex and best understood by building and testing system prototypes. When first launched, did your technology make a transformational change for the end-user or was it an advancement of the prior art.
Microzone Optics provides turnkey optical systems development. This is an interdisciplinary forum for technicians, engineers, researchers, and managers who are involved in instrumental optics at all levels: design, specification, production, and testing. Fortunately, the field of stray light analysis is mature, the software is capable and our understanding of scatter processes continues to grow. Further, by controlling the entire process there is no finger-pointing between the designer and the fabricator Magnitude takes full responsibility.
Attend SPIE Optical Systems Design 2018, the premier European event for optical instrumentation with the latest advances in optical systems applications, materials, and processing.
Typical deliverables include Optical Design Files, Mechanical CAD files, Design Reports, and Prototypes.
Customers include many of the major defence industries as well as private companies developing lens systems. Throughout the development process, we pay close attention to engineering details ensuring that our customer’s ideas see the light of day. While the prior art includes our unique PSD optimization algorithm -- which is essential owing to its greater speed -- the unique logic embodied in the Quick Mode, which deals mostly with 3rd and 5th-order correction, together with the binary search algorithm, represent a transformation in the technology. This can be particularly significant in astronomical observations, low-light level signal detection and medical imagery, where every signal photon counts.

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